Amazon Prime in Singapore and New shipping


Amazon has today launched its membership-based program Amazon Prime in Singapore, marking the US giant’s latest major incursion into the Southeast Asian e-commerce market.

Its debut comes just days after online shoppers in the city-state reported that free shipping from Amazon’s US was no longer available.

Amazon confirmed yesterday that the feature had been permanently scrapped, without further explanation.

The e-commerce company’s Marketplace is not present in Singapore, but since 2013 its US business did offer free shipping to the city-state on orders over US$125.

The Converted from Singapore dollar. Rate: US$1 = S$1.35.

The launch of Amazon Prime has introduced a new shipping item from the US site.

Possible be an indication that Singapore Marketplace is on its way.

Why – Train, Train and Train 

When you’re a warrior, death is always looking over your shoulder.
And we all knew there was just one way to improve our odds of survival:
Train, Train, Train.
Sometimes, if your training is properly intense – It will kill you.
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Many people insanity is doing the same thing over and over again

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

If you don’t agree with Einstein on this one then go ahead, and do what you usually do to grow your business.

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Amazon Fundamental

E-Commerce Solution for Online Trading

So what is it the entire answer for the greater part of your online business issues?

The solution is called a web based online business shopping cart.

This profoundly famous online business instrument empowers you to raise sales deal of your online store rapidly and advantageously. The shopping cart is the imperative component in an online web based business site. The shopping cart as a turnkey for your whole online business and transforms your business into a flourishing and profoundly beneficial locally situated business.


Different web specialists and developers are planning & design shopping cart to support & boost up the online sales offers a wide range of items.

Numerous businessmen have set up their items online available to be purchased. The medium of web-based online business or e-business is very successful to advance any business.


Your site is the mode through you draw in purchasers to your site. So the internet business web based shopping cart to contain every one of the elements that can draw in potential purchasers to your web page. An online purchase is constantly apprehensive about giving out his budgetary points of interest on the web. It is extremely fundamental to guarantee your client of the secured identity.

Many shopping carts provide the muti-payment models to the customers. They can either opt for credit payment mode or by merchant account or via the gateway such as Paypal or any other service provider. A merchant account is a bank account that allows you to manage credit card dealings. This allows you to maintain your customer’s personal information. You can add prices and product options into your shopping cart.

There are some fundamental components of a usable web-based business online shopping cart.

Site navigation must be extremely straightforward. Complex site navigation will befuddle your client and can frighten them off.  It should enable the customers to purchase products without much hassle. Complex site navigation will confuse your customer and can scare them away.

Best web based business shopping cart is the ones that incorporate the offering exchanges of your online organisations. Each of the product maker guarantees that their web-based online business shopping cart is the best in the product showcase.

A decent web-based online business shopping cart ought to have great functionality. It should perform the sales effectively.

Some of the great web based online business shopping carts gives the full innovation support of shopping cart application.

Any person with basic web knowledge can go in for establishing an online store or marketing website. Different internet business shopping cart suppliers even set online tutorials for the potential clients of the shopping cart. The online tutorials give the guidelines for setting up the online store in a simple way.

What the Heck is FBA about ?

Amazon FBA is one of the hottest topics in the internet marketing

It seems like anything that has to do with Amazon instantly becomes a massive success. Everything they could seems to turn to gold.

FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon”, and it is their program that allows sellers to send them products to sell on their website, and Amazon handles all of the sales, shipping, returns, and customer service.

Here’s how it works:

You purchase products you believe will make a profit on Amazon.

  1. You submit these products to the Amazon Sellers website.
  2. Amazon gives you a shipping label to print and attach to a shipping box.
  3. You pack the products according to Amazon’s shipping requirements.
  4. You drop the package off at a UPS store or have UPS pick it up.
  5. Once the products reach Amazon’s warehouse, they will become available on the Amazon website.
  6. When sales are made, Amazon ships the product to the customer and pays you, keeping a share of the sale price for themselves.
  7. They also handle any returns, customer questions, etc.

Amazon has millions of buyers. Traffic estimates put Amazon at having over 70 million visitors each month. Pretty huge, right? Imagine all of the potential sales you could get with 70 million people buying stuff!

There’s more to it than just sending items into Amazon, though. It’s not particularly difficult to work, and it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to get started, but there are some things you need to know before you get started.

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You’ll learn how to find products you can sell for a profit, how to price them for maximum profits and more.


Profitable Home Based Business Via eBusiness Solution


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Many shopping carts furnish the muti-payment modes to the buyers. They may be able to either pick credit fee mode or through merchant account or by way of gateway similar to Paypal or another provider. Service provider account is a financial institution account that enables you to control credit card dealings. This enables you to preserve your customer’s individual expertise. That you could add costs and product choices into your browsing cart.


E-commerce has received reputation, however, patrons won’t buy merchandise from websites if your site is not working properly. Your website ought to be consumer friendly and have to make shopping less complicated for the consumer.


There are some basic elements of a usable e-commerce on-line shopping cart. Website navigation has to be very simple. Difficult website navigation will confuse your customer and may scare them away. The hyperlinks discovered on your internet site must be appropriately co-coordinated. Some occasions purchasers find the products they want to purchase via links in quite a lot of sites.


Best e-commerce shopping cart is the ones that integrate the promoting transactions of your online businesses. Each of the program company claims that their e-commerce shopping cart is the best within the program market.


An advanced e-commerce looking cart must have the exact features of an internet retailer. It must enable the shoppers to purchase merchandise without much bother. The shopping cart application should aid all of the customer pleasant packages. The online store on the website displays the merchandise with the rate listings and the dimensions list along to make the browsing less complicated for a purchaser. Various modes of cost are not obligatory to the purchaser. Therefore the client makes his decide on with the help of looking cart on the internet site handiest.


There are text, hyperlinks and portraits in an online store. They’re to be managed strategically in the internet sites to offer a total appealing constitution to the website. On-line visitors should appeal to buyers by way of eye-catching designs. It will have to have the energy of converting the visitors into customers. The web retailer or advertising and marketing internet site should have a look that assures the consumers that they’re going to get the first-class carrier.


An excellent e-commerce browsing cart should have good performance. It will have to perform the revenue simply. One of the best e-commerce searching cart offers the whole technology support of browsing cart software. Anybody with common internet advantage can go in for opening an internet store or marketing website. Various e-commerce looking cart vendors even set on-line tutorials for the knowledge purchasers of browsing carts. The tutorials provide the directions for beginning the online retailer in a handy means.


There are provisions to establish the websites for the web store in three dimensions with the support of picture interface. A just right e-commerce shopping cart should be versatile. The consumer must be able to control his trade without hassle. The software manufacturer also presents the traffic quantity enhancement programs and the income measuring programs.


For retail businesses to stay relevant in the next 10 years


Online shopping today is largely driven by price and convenience – consumers are driven by finding a good deal on products that are delivered quickly.

Toward 2026, these basic wishes will still exist, but expectations of the shopping experience will have changed drastically.

Millennials Also era of Gen Z consumers, for example, will be demanding more from e-commerce providers, such as the ability to discover, in real-time, unique goods they will not find in big-box retail chains.

To organisations with remain applicable in the next 10 years, here need to add two magic developments that must be acknowledged. From now until 2026, physical retailers will continue to reduce the amount of physical space they hold, switching their investment emphases online.