Instagram success

Module 1 Instagram introduction
Unit 1 Video1 -Introducing Instagram
Unit 2 Video2 -Instagrams History and Features
Unit 3 Video3 -Getting Started With Instagram
Module 2 Instagram account growth
Unit 1 Video4 -How to Grow Your Account
Unit 2 Video5 -How to Use Instagram Stories
Module 3 Instagram live
Unit 1 Video6 -Why We All Should be Excited by the Trend Toward Live
Unit 2 Video7 -Great Content for Stories and Live Streaming
Module 4 Ways to monetise instagram account
Unit 1 Video8 -How to Create Stunning Pictures and Videos
Unit 2 Video9 -Monetizing Your Instagram Account and Finding Sponsors
Unit 3 Video10 -Conclusions
Posted by / December 27, 2020