Leadership skills for entrepreneur and manager

Module 1 Leaders motivation and leading
Unit 1 1 _The 3 Most Crucial Goals for Leaders
Unit 2 2_4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team
Unit 3 3_How to be An Influential Thought Leader in Your Industry
Unit 4 4_How to Lead by Example
Module 2 How to be successful leaders
Unit 1 5_The 5 Secrets of Successful Leaders
Unit 2 6_How to Encourage Productivity Without Hurting Creativity
Unit 3 7 How to Turn Your Biggest Critics Into Your Greatest Supporters
Unit 4 8_3 Ways to Have a More Commanding Presence
Module 3 Leaders qualities and skills
Unit 1 9_5 Mistakes of Bad Leaders
Unit 2 10_Top Influential Leaders to Model From
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