For You as business owner or individual employees

Why you need to learn new knowledge and upgrade your skills

  • Stay relevant in the new economy
  • Be updated with current skills and knowledge
  • Learn new employable skills

With technology, its way through our lives and changing the way we consume information, so is the way courses are being taught.
Online courses might sound unconventional to some, but there is a growing number of online courses now being offered.

If you find yourself trying to decide which type, of course, would suit you better, here are three factors to consider before making the decision.

The biggest difference between online and classroom courses is flexibility.
For traditional courses conducted in classrooms, extended and fixed windows of time will need to be allocated.
Additionally, they follow a rigid course structure, and attendance is often a component of your final grade.

On the other hand, online courses are quite the opposite.
They require no fixed schedules, so you can learn at your own pace relearn as many times as you want and “attend” lectures at any time of the day at anywhere – even from the comfort of your own home.

For those working shifts,
online courses are a great way to pick up or refine a skill without infringing on your schedule.

To quote Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.

Although that phrase might be taken from a comic character, it does apply to real life especially with regard to self-discipline.
Online courses offer great flexibility and convenience for those with demanding schedules.

However, they do require a great deal of self-discipline and motivation to keep progress in check.


For Company 

Reduced Employee Turnover – Lack of training is one of the top reasons that employees give when they leave a retailer/company and studies show that well-trained employees are less likely to voluntarily leave their job…that means better customer services!

Studies show that retailers/companies who are committed to effectively training their team members are able to consistently outperform their competitors.

Retail E-learning allows the learner to study anywhere, and they are freed from the constraints of time and place.
Each learning course module lasts only 15-30 minutes so that they can be completed during a break from the sales floor, between customers or before or after a shift.
These courses are available 24×7 every day of the year. And include voice-over, graphics, animations, job aids, learning interactions, skill practice, quizzes, and certificates of completion.

1.Improved employee retention.
2.Increased sales and customer satisfaction.
3.More knowledge retention and less resource allocation.

Because of its effectiveness and efficiency, E-Learning is quickly becoming the training methodology of choice for retailers and companies.