Excited to get started in your elearning so that you can improve and progress yourself to next higher level.

Here are the steps to get started.

Purchase steps

  1. Choose the course that you are interested in.
  2.  Click add to cart
  3.  Click on top navigation menu cart and click proceed to checkout
  4. Fill in the contact details and account login details then click on proceed to paypal button
  5. At the paypal page you can choose to pay by (a) your paypal account by login to paypal or (b) credit card without login paypal

Start course steps

  1. After purchase you can login by clicking on top navigation login and fill in your account login that you have created earlier on.
  2.  After login click on top navigation menu my courses.
  3.  After that click on the course title to get started.

Note: Complete all the course units and quiz in order to get certification.