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Have you being thinking of having your own business and becoming your own boss.

That business most likely is selling physical products, and with companies like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify that offers easy way to sell online, you won’t even need a physical store to sell physical products. You can do business anytime anywhere at your convenience and comfort with internet access.


Sounds great right?


The issue is, you don’t know where to find products suppliers. Or if you do, most likely the supplier’s prices isn’t competitive enough to make good profits.
So why go ahead and be an online entrepreneur when you won’t be able to get big profits from sales? That is if you even manage to get a steady supply of products to sell to begin with?


Alibaba is the solution.
There is a lot of products suppliers selling at low price to choose from.


Having questions about engaging with Alibaba suppliers and starting your own online business?

Sounds like there’s a lot of hard work to be done and you’re not even sure if you’ll be successful in the end…


Not to worry there is video training course.
It will guide you step-by-step,  how to successfully leverage Alibaba and sell right on any exchange – be it Amazon, eBay, or Shopify!


The 12 training consist of the following.


1. Overview
The introduction of what Alibaba is and what are the advantages ad disadvantages of using Alibaba.


2. Setting Up Your Alibaba Account 
Learn about the process of setting up your Alibaba account and Trade Assurance
3. Finding A Product To Sell
Learn how to find products and the information you should be looking for
4. How To Reduce Your Risk As A Buyer
Discover how to determine which suppliers you should be dealing with and reduce the risk of getting yourself in a scam
5. Getting Started Contacting Suppliers
Learn the tips on contacting and how to successfully negotiate with suppliers.
6. Testing Your Samples
Know the procedures in handling your samples and how to do the checking.
7. Moving Forward With An Order Once Your Sample Checks Out
Learn how you can negotiate with your selected supplier after finished checking sample
8. Placing Your Order Using The Online Order Form From Alibaba
Know advantage of using the online form when ordering from suppliers.
9. Making Payment
Learn important information about making payment through the Alibaba Secure Payment gateway and other payment-related stuff.
10. Having Your Products Shipped
Learn the procedures regarding having your products shipped to you.
11. When Your Product Arrives
Know what are the things to do when your product arrives, like inspecting the products and recording the unboxing using video.
12. Conclusion
It summarises the things being taught in the previous topics stated above.


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