Elearning Ecommerce Marketplace Amazon Advanced


Note this course consists of a package of the following 4 courses which you can buy separately if you want. Now you are getting valuable four in a one-course package plus special sales and marketing techniques audios at the special price.

(a) Amazon Mastery Program

(b) Lead Generation Marketing

(c) E-commerce Marketing

(d) Customer Retention Strategies

For current business owners be it B2 or B2C is it you are currently not selling at Amazon?
For aspiring online business entrepreneurs, you are thinking of starting an online business but don’t know how to get started?
Have you just beginning to start selling Amazon and will like to know how to be a better successful seller on Amazon?
If your answer is yes to any of the 3 questions above.
Elearning E-commerce Marketplace Amazon Advanced is your solution.
You will learn advanced practical how and what to do with Amazon to be a successful seller?

Amazon is the largest retailer in the US and has the warehouse in Singapore, read below more details.



The Key issue that MUST happen …
Exactly how to think about your current sales situation (it’s not a challenge, it’s an opportunity)
Amazon is a huge consumer marketplace with over 50 fulfillment centers in the US alone, operations in 12 countries and 29 international markets.
In the US, Amazon now accounts for one-quarter of total retail sales growth and 50 percent of all US online sales.Amazon has started its operation in Singapore with the warehouse at Singapore.
Consumers here can benefit from the faster shipping and easier returns.
One of the most important questions you have to ask
One of the most important questions you have to ask
Do you want to improve your business by selling to overseas or stay stagnant as it is selling only at your country?
If you are doing b2b now is the time to get started with b2c to expand your business market and build your brand. If you are b2c definitely you need to sell at Amazon.
Why Amazon?
Amazon is the largest and most popular consumer online marketplace in the world.
Ready customers from Amazon – No need self-find new customers.
Amazon FBA system no need deal with shipping and customer service.
Overall save you time, improve your productivity and widen your sales market.Elearning E-commerce Marketplace
Amazon Advanced benefits.
You can refer to this set of videos whenever you’re unsure of something when running your business with Amazon FBA
You’ll know how to bring more profits and make your business a big success using these videos.
You’ll have a better understanding of how Amazon FBA works and how you can use this to your advantage. Also sales and marketing techniques and how to do customer retention strategies.
Amazon training advance comes with 66 powerful packed short videos training and useful resources to help you sell more successful at Amazon.
Its power-packed easy to follow so you can start implementing immediately.
Amazon great opportunity is here don’t miss it start now with the advanced training and get started selling at Amazon.
Training consists of following

(a) Amazon Advanced Part 1

Module 1 – Introduction
– Overview introduction of Amazon 4 minutes 18 seconds
– What are  FBA 3 minutes 10 seconds
– How does Amazon FBA work 3 minutes 59 seconds
Module 2 – Setting up account
– Fba account types 3 minutes 49 seconds
– Setting up seller account 7 minutes 29 seconds
Module 3 – Selling criteria
– Products selling requirements 6 minutes 27 seconds
– Categories that require approval 2 minutes 51 seconds
Module 4 – Selling strategies
– FBA fee examples 3 minutes 39 seconds
– Best practices for listing 8 minutes 47 seconds
– Seller tools 4 minutes 13 seconds
– Mistakes to avoid 5 minutes 44 seconds
– Coupons, amazon ads, and facebook fan page 6 minutes 20 seconds
Module 5 – Shipment
– Preparing items for shipment 5 minutes 46 seconds
– Shipping tips 13 minutes 4 seconds
Module 6 – Conclusion
– Conclusion 9 minutes 4 seconds
– Useful resources 1 hour

(b) Amazon Advanced Part 2

Module 1 – Overview
– Success guide overview 1 minute 52 seconds
Module 2 – Success seller
– Tips and recommendations successful seller 9 minutes 19 seconds
Module 3 – Sourcing
– Tips for sourcing successfully 7 minutes 8 seconds
– Local sources 6 minutes 45 seconds
– Craiglist, classified and others 8 minutes 19 seconds
Module 4 – Auctions
– Local auctions and estate sale 5 minutes 27 seconds
– US government state police auctions 4 minutes
– Storage units auction 5 minutes 12 seconds
– Online auctions liquidations 2 minutes 58 seconds
Module 5 – Other sourcing methods
– Rebates and coupons 2 minutes 30 seconds

(c) Sales and Marketing Tips and Tactics

Module 1 – Marketing
– Advertising Tips 9 minutes 2 seconds
– Influencing tactics 9 minutes 42 seconds
– Persuasion strategies 9 minutes 27 seconds
– Customer buying triggers 10 minutes 7 seconds
Module 2 – Sales
– Breakthrough sales solution 10 minutes 6 seconds
– Profit-generating insights 10 minutes 1 seconds

(d) Lead Generation Marketing

Module 1 – Introduction
–  Overview leads generation how it works 4 minutes 6 seconds
Module 2 – Set up lead generation tools
– How To Create Your Bribe Offer 2 minutes 42 seconds
– How To Create A High Converting Landing Page 4 minutes 49 seconds
– Creating Follow-Up Emails 3 minutes 49 seconds
Module 3 – Building mailing list
– Buying Email Solo Ads 2 minutes 50 seconds
– Generating Leads Through Facebook 3 minutes
– Ad Swaps 5 minutes 4 seconds
– The 100Commission 3 minutes 16 seconds
Module 4 – Traffic generating strategies
– Adding Your Offer to Other People’s Thank You Page 3 minutes 21 seconds
– Joining Give Away Events 4 minutes 24 seconds
Module 5 – Turning traffic to sales
– Secrets to boost sales 6 minutes 13 seconds

(e) Other E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Module 1 – SEO
– What is search engine optimisation (SEO) 4 minutes 54 seconds
– Traffic tracking 6 minutes 16 seconds
Module 2 – Advertising
– Social media content strategies 5 minutes 53 seconds
– Creating Facebook ads 10 minutes 44 seconds
– Retargeting marketing 10 minutes 4 seconds
Module 3 – Others
– Email marketing 14 minutes 3 seconds
– Building affiliate army using reviews 9 minutes 49 seconds
– How to increase store traffic 10 minutes 4 seconds

(f) Customer Retention Strategies

Module 1 – introduction
– Good Customer Relationship 3 minutes 19 seconds
– Understanding Your Customers 3 minutes
– How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value 2 minutes 56 seconds
Module 2 – Customer Satisfaction
-How To Keep Your Customers Happy 3 minutes 43 seconds
-How To Get Your Customers To Say Wow 3 minutes 28 seconds
-Proven Methods of Customer Retention 3 minutes 34 seconds
– The Art of Customer Follow Up 3 minutes 57 seconds
Module 3 – CRM
– Customer Relationship Management Software The Benefits 2 minutes 42 seconds
– Choosing a CRM 1 minutes 59 seconds
Module 4 – Marketing to existing customers
– Loyalty Marketing Programs 3 minutes 49 seconds
– Promotional Items To Enhance Customer Relations 2 minutes 29 seconds
Module 5 – Handling customer issues
– Handling Customer Complaints 4 minutes 13 seconds
– How To Deal With Difficult Customers 1 minutes 35 seconds
– Introducing The Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service 3 minutes 54 seconds
– Customer Service Over The Phone 2 minutes 11 seconds
Total: 7 hours 2 minutes 45 seconds


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