How to submit SkillsFuture Claim  

a) Submission of claim, click <Select A Course>.

Enter the actual course start date i.e 19 June 2017 and enter AMG Concept Pte Ltd

at the Training Provider column then do a search.  You should see one of our courses

i.e ID: CRS-N-0042480 Elearning – E-commerce Marketplace Amazon Advanced”.


b) Type in the course fee amount for <Fees Payable by You> and <Amount of Credit to


For <Pay To>, the claim amount will be disbursed directly to the Training Provider.


*Please ensure payment is to the correct Training Provider.

c) Upload supporting document eg: invoice or receipt.

When your Supporting Document has been uploaded, the file name will appear below

the Upload field. You can delete the file by clicking the “x” icon.

d) Accept the SkillsFuture Credit Terms and Conditions by clicking the checkbox. Then,

Click “Submit” to submit your claim.

e) The confirmation page is displayed. Most claims will be approved within a day.

If a claim is rejected, an email/ SMS notification will be sent to you.


d) Once we receive the disbursements from SSG, we will refund the attendees

within 3 working weeks by cheque.


Step 4: Attend

a) An SMS or email will be sent to remind you of the AMG Concept Pte Ltd Course.

b) Attend AMG Concept Pte Ltd Course and remember to sign in and sign out of each class.